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Morgan Chiropractic and Wellness (MCW) has a variety of health and wellness options for your particular needs.

MCW is a unique, family-oriented, interdisciplinary health clinic in central Toronto. It is designed to focus on keeping you and your family well.  To provide friendly, professional and comprehensive health care in a bright, welcoming and inspiring environment.

Guided by our mission,“Helping families live healthier,happier lives”,the MCW health and wellness team works colloboratively to provide client focused care responsive to your specific needs.  Since we do what we love, it is our joy to create a positive, healing environment to serve you better.

We like to thank our many loyal patients, especially those who have demonstrated their trust in us by referring friends and family.  We look forward to helping you achieve better health and well being at MCW.

Thank You!

The MCW Health & Wellness Team would like to thank everyone who helped us Celebrate17 Years of Serving the Community at our Open House in August 2017. Special thanks to our local MPP, Michaeal Coteau for his greetings, steelpan enthusiast Michael Joseph for the lively music, and The Art of Catering for the healthy and delicious foods. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, good food, complimentary massage, emotional IQ quiz, and of course the outdoor Zumba and Boot Camp sessions. Check out the slide show below.

We are here to serve you:



Tuesday & Thursday

8am - 7pm 


1:30 pm - 6:00 pm


9am - 2pm

We are conveniently located at

1 Valentine Drive in the Don Mills and York Mills neighbourhood just off the DVP south of the 401 with the York Mills 95 bus stop at our door.

The centre is fully wheelchair accessible with free parking on site and in the neighbourhood.

MCW 2019 Health & Wellness Series

We are proud to present the next workshop in our Health & Wellness Series: Nutrition and your Immune System on Saturday June 22, 2019 from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at MCW.  The presentation is delivered by Dr. Nicole Constant, Naturopath.  This will be an informative, interactive presentation you do not want to miss.  For more information about this FREE community presentation Click here


MCW brings the healthcare services you need and the convenience you want.


Flexible Insurance & Payment Options

Most of our services are covered by health insurance plans, many of which we can bill directly. We also accept cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard, and personal checks. Please call us to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.

FYW: "For Your Wellbeing"

For Your Wellbeing(FYW) is the MCW hotspot for tips, resources, inspiration and events that will support you and your family's quest for improved health and wellbeing. Here you will find information on nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, stress management, injury prevention, and healthy relationships.

If you want this information sent to your inbox, sign-up for the monthly FYW Newsletter coming in January 2019. 


Meet your team of health professionals here for you and your family.


Dr. Christopher J. Morgan


Chiropractor, Sports Specialist Therapist


Dr. Nicole Constant


Nautropathic Doctor


Jennifer Casssimy


Registered Social Worker


Kiara Mercury-Phillips


 Registered Massage Therapist 


MCW is seeking a family physician, part-time registered massage therapist and acupuncturist to further build our Health & Wellness Team.

For more information you can contact Dr. Morgan at 416-447-7600 or send your resume to info@mcw4life.com


We encourage your feedback and deeply appreciate your referral of family, friends and colleagues.


Whenever you need help from us to improve your health, don't hesitate to contact us. You can call us directly at 416-447-7600 or Request an appointment online here and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Computerized Gait Analysis and Orthotic Therapy

The treatment is used to analyze and determine specific foot problems that can also lead to ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. These individual, custom-fit inserts are worn in the shoes to correct structural and biomechanical problems arising in the feet.

Orthopaedic Pillow

Providing support to your spine during sleep is very important.   Poor sleeping postures can be a real pain in the neck.  Specially designed orthopaedic pillows help ensure you maintain a healthy sleeping posture which minimizes undue stress on the muscles and joints, particularly of the neck and upper back  so you have a more restful night and less pain and stiffness in the morning

Back Support

Prolonged sitting, particularly in a slouched or unsupported position, will often lead to poor posture and low back pain and weakness.  A sound lumbar/back support can improve your sitting posture while supporting the muscles and ligaments of your back.

Book Support

Spending hours reading or studying, you should have a sturdy book support that elevates the reading material to your eyes, instead of lowering your head and eyes to read the material.  A book support can help alleviate the strain on neck muscles from long periods of reading or studying.

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